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The Rec Room hosts in-person and online meetings every day of the week.

The Rec Room depends on individual members to support its mission.

The Rec Room is located at 4138 N. Sheridan Rd. (approximately 2 blocks North of the Sheridan Red Line CTA Station).

Mission Statement

The Recovery Room (Rec Room) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization consisting of a community of individuals dedicated to celebrating the diversity of 12-step recovery in a spirit of inclusiveness.  We are a non-exclusionary safe social network welcoming experiences, voices and talents.  We seek to build community in a manner that encourages and reinforces our commitment to a clean and sober lifestyle.


- We have a new Sunday 4:00 pm AA meeting here.  It is The Edgewater Beach Recovery Tribe Big Book Study which will meet here until the weather gets better.

- A new Marijuana Anonymous meeting will start here at 5:30 pm on Friday, March 31st..

- On Saturday, March 25th there will be a fund raiser here from 9 to 11 pm for the CMA Sober Poz retreat in July. 

Drop and Drag Girls, performances, bingo and fellowship.

- On Sunday April 23rd the Chicago Roundup will hold its Cosmic Bowling tournament starting at 2:30 pm at Waveland Bowl, 3700 N. Western. See to sign up and become a member of a team.

Is your group is looking for a new meeting location or are you thinking of starting a new meeting?

Would you like to use The Rec Room for a recovery-related event?